Gold Trading Services

INTL HRM Precious Metals, Inc. provides top-quality gold trading services, including imports and exports, in all physical forms according to client needs.

Serving many segments of the precious metals commerce, most notably banks, jewelry retailers and producers, and investors, INTL HRM Precious Metals also provides refining and logistics services in addition to gold trading.

INTL HRM KIYMETLİ MADENLER has shares trading in Borsa Istanbul and it has the licence  to import and export gold, which allows us to offer our customers the best prices.

Always striving to create innovative technological solutions, INTL HRM Precious Metals enables its clients to execute trades in gold (bars, jewelry, and scrap) and in international currencies on our digital platform as well.

It is essential for INTL HRM Precious Metals, Inc. to act responsibly in all its operations and on all links of the value chain. We operate in conformity with our industry’s conventions and its civil and governmental institutions. We are cognizant of our responsibility not to be associated in any way with participation in money laundering, terrorism finance, or human rights violations at any point of the supply chain. With its focus on customer satisfaction and “know your customer” principle, INTL HRM Precious Metals Group pays utmost attention to securing the privacy of your information.

Offering its retail and institutional clients with world-class services, INTL HRM Precious Metals is one of the pioneers of the precious metals industry in Turkey. Its extensive experience and resulting customer trust, its technological investments, and its range of products and services provided without compromising quality and customer satisfaction enable INTL HRM Precious Metals to make great strides in the precious metals business.