Who We Are

INTL HRM A.Ş. was founded in 2010 in Kuyumcukent, the production and trade center of the modern jewelry industry in Turkey. INTL HRM, also a subsidiary of the Istanbul-based HAREM GOLD GROUP, one of the well-established companies in the industry, is an innovative company that benefits from both the history and values of the sister company, and its own history and values established through its experience in the precious metals industry. Since 2010, we have been working towards the vision of being the most valuable company in the precious metals industry, making no concessions in terms of reliability, prestige, and quality services.

What We Do

INTL HRM A.Ş. offers a wide range of services, as well as high quality products for all businesses in the precious metals industry. Among the business partners of INTL HRM are mines, banks, jewelers, jewelry manufacturers, industrial producers and individual investors.

INTL HRM A.Ş. offers a comprehensive spectrum of services all along the precious metals value chain. These include the responsible procurement of the metals from ethical suppliers, the logistics involved in the safe and legal transport of material from its origin to target markets, and the distribution of the finished product in the right markets.

Harem Altın

INTL HRM PRECIOUS METALS has been continuing its activities as part of the HAREM GOLD GROUP  since 2010.The roots of Harem Gold and Precious Metals, Inc. go back to the early 1980s in Istanbul’s world-famous Grand Bazaar. Starting out with an industry leadership vision, Harem Precious Metals has placed utmost emphasis on customer trust and quality service since day one.


Another important milestone for Harem Gold and Precious Metals, Inc. has been the launch of a branch at Istanbul’s Kuyumcukent (meaning “Jewelercity”), a key domestic as well as European center for modern jewelry production and trade. Having a presence in this important trade center boosted the Group’s ability to access customers and reinforced its position in the industry.


In 2012, the Group made an important leap forward by starting to import and export gold thanks to its foreign trade authorization that came with Borsa Istanbul membership. Offering its retail and institutional clients with world-class services, Harem Precious Metals is one of the pioneers of the precious metals industry in Turkey. Its extensive experience and resulting customer trust, its technological investments, and its range of products and services provided without compromising quality and customer satisfaction enable Harem Precious Metals to make great strides in the precious metals business.