Borsa Istanbul Brokerage Services


The Precious Metals Market of Borsa Istanbul, the successor of the Istanbul Gold Exchange since 2013, is an organized market where gold imported by member institutions has been competitively traded since the Exchange’s inauguration back in 1995.  The Precious Metals Market has also hosted silver and platinum trading since the regulatory changes of 1999. 

The Precious Metals Market of Borsa Istanbul currently includes spot and up to T+90 transactions in standard gold, non-standard gold, processed gold ore, silver, platinum, and palladium.

As official Borsa Istanbul members, INTL HRM Precious Metals participate in the Precious Metals Market.

As part of its suite of Borsa Istanbul Brokerage Services, INTL HRM Precious Metals may perform:

  • Temporary and direct importing in line with institutional client needs and demands,
  • Exporting precious metals approved by Turkey’s National Mint and LBMA in line with international client needs and demands,
  • Transferring and delivering procured precious metals from their country of origin to the particular client safely and legally,
  • Transporting precious metals in cooperation with the most reliable and reputable logistics companies with proper insurance.